How Can I Test My LeadsTunnel Setup?

To test the setup and integration of LeadsTunnel with Facebook and your CRM/AR/Webinar platform, you should first setup and activate your Facebook Lead Ad.  If you need more information on setting up and activating your Facebook Lead Ad, click here.

Once your Facebook Lead ad is active, you can view the ad and agree to give your lead info.  
Since the LeadsTunnel sync is in live time, you can immediately check your CRM/AR/Webinar platform to confirm your info was successfully added!  

Please Note  If a lead is added successfully, that does not necessarily mean they will automatically receive your first email message.  LeadsTunnel does not control the settings of your CRM/AR/Webinar platform, we just transfer the lead information over to it from Facebook.  The trigger event that begins your email series is something that needs to be set up within your CRM/AR/Webinar platform!  For more information about trigger events and CRM/AR/Webinar settings, please refer to the instructions provided by your specific platform

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