Understanding The Dashboard

In both the main dashboard and campaign specific dashboard, there are two sections for reporting.

Last 7 Days Performance

This is a graph that shows how many leads have been synchronized to your autoresponder or CRM platform in the last 7 days. This is to allow you to have a quick overview on how many leads you are generating per day. You can also hover your cursor above the dots within the graph to see the exact details of day. The performance graph combines statistics for all campaigns together whereas the campaign details dashboard provides statistics for individual campaigns.

Campaign Details

The campaign details will give you specific details on how many leads are within your Facebook Form Library and how many leads have been synchronized to your autoresponder / CRM platform. It will also show you the campaign name you specified, the Facebook Page you're using and also the autoresponder / CRM platform you're using for the synchronization. You may also pause, delete or edit any of the campaign you desire in this dashboard.

Please Note All LeadsTunnel reporting is set to Eastern Standard Time. This time zone is a system-wide setting and unfortunately cannot be modified for individual accounts.

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