My Lead Sync Restarted, but I Am Missing Leads!

If a disruption occurs with your integrations causing the lead sync process to stop and restart, the leads gathered during that time may not be transferred. If you believe you experienced a disruption in your lead sync, we have some troubleshooting steps to help resolve the issue.

First, we recommend you visit the Settings page of your LT Software to check your integrations.

If your Facebook or CRM/AR/Webinar integration has failed, please follow the appropriate tutorial to integrate again.

Next, visit the Campaign page of your LT Software to reset your sync for any campaign that may be affected. To do so:

Click Pause to halt the campaign

Wait 30 Seconds

Then, click   Enable to restart the campaign

If you find that missing leads are still not being synced after a reset, please email  LeadsTunnel Support with the subject line "I Am STILL Missing Leads." Please be sure to include your LT Software login credentials, the name of the campaign that is missing leads and a screen shot from your Facebook Account that shows the lead count discrepancy.

Additionally, please click  here and learn how to manually download your missing leads.

Please Note With LeadsTunnel, leads are captured in live time. The system is unable to back-date the sync and transfer information if leads are collected while integrations are not fully functional.

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