Facebook Integration Troubleshooting

First, please be sure you are connecting to a Facebook Advertising Business Page that your Facebook Account is an administrator of, not a Facebook fan page or personal account.  If you have not done so already, you should visit  http://business.facebook.com and create an account there first.

Next, we recommend that you completely delete/remove your Facebook integration. 

Then, log out, exit the LeadsTunnel site and clear your cache/reset your browser before attempting to log back in.  In addition, you may want to switch your browser entirely.  While we have tested the LeadsTunnel system on a variety of browsers and systems, we find that using Chrome generally yields the best overall results.

Finally, please log back in to LeadsTunnel and re-integrate your Facebook account based on the exact Facebook Integration instructions in the order they are listed!  From there you will be able to connect and integrate accordingly.

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