How Do I Troubleshoot SendLane Integration Issues?

**Please note, if you do not follow these instructions in the exact order they are listed, the integration will fail!**

First, please completely delete SendLane from your "Autoresponder Management" integration area. This MUST be done first in order to successfully integrate.

Second, please make sure that you have a list created in SendLane. This ensures the LeadsTunnel software can connect!   

NOTE:  If you do not follow the above steps, you will not be able to integrate, even if all of the other information is correct.  If you are unsure of how to create a list, please visit the SendLane Help Center tutorial here!

Third, please ensure that you enter "" as your approved domain.  

Next, we need to confirm that your API, Hash Keyand subdomain are all entered.  For details on where to find your API and Hash Key, please click  here

  • Please make sure all your API Key and required fields are input correctly. No spaces are allowed.
  • To enter your subdomain, Look at the browser's web address from your SendLane dashboard to find your subdomain. Input the subdomain into the subdomain field in the Leads Tunnel field. (EX.
  • For your Hash Key, you can find this in your security credentials in SendLane. It should be in the same place as where you found your API Key.

If you still have issues after those troubleshooting steps, please do not hesitate to reach out to our LeadsTunnel Support team.

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