Why Is There A Discrepancy In Leads Number Between My Facebook Form And My Autoresponder or CRM Platform?

In some cases there may be a discrepancy in the number of leads between your Facebook form and your CRM/AR/Webinar Platform.   There are generally 2 reasons why you may experience this: 

  • Unsubscribes - When a lead unsubscribes from your email list - you cannot add them back into your platform.  Their information is placed into your platform's global suppression list aka a do not mail list.  However, since the sync does not move in both directions, the information is only removed from your CRM/AR/Webinar platform reports and would not be removed from the Facebook or LeadsTunnel reports.
  • Double Opt-In Settings - If you do not see the lead in your global suppression list as having unsubscribed and use a platform that defaults to a double opt-in, the lead discrepancy is likely due to this setting.  Confirmed Opt-in or double opt-in requires a lead to complete an email verification prior to being officially added to a list.  If the lead does not respond, they will remain unconfirmed and will not receive any communications as a member of your list.

Many platforms allow the setting to be deactivated, including  GetResponseMailChimp and Aweber.  To deactivate the double opt-in confirmation message, please click through the links above or refer to the instructions provided by your platform.  In addition, you may want to reach out to the support team for your chosen tool for assistance with this setting.

Please Note The LeadsTunnel/MailChimp integration has been updated to include an API call that adds members directly, however, this does not deactivate the Welcome Email.

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