SendLane Integration

To integrate with SendLane, simply follow the steps below. - Do not jump around. FOLLOW THEM TO THE T. 

FIRST and before you do anything else, please create a LIST from within your SendLane account.  If you are unsure of how to create a list, please visit the SendLane Help Center tutorial  here!

Next, read these and follow them 1 at a time, in this EXACT order and your integration will be successful:

1. Log into SendLane. Go to LISTS. Make sure you already have one!  If not,       please refer to the SendLane Help Center tutorial above to CREATE a list. 

2. Go to the TOP right to ACCOUNT SETTINGS inside of Sendlane. 

3. Copy down the API KEY on to your Notepad

4. Copy down your HASH Key into your Notepad

5. Look at the browser's web address from your SendLane dashboard to find your subdomain. Input the subdomain into the subdomain field in the Leads    Tunnel field. (EX. http://  ONLY ENTER the XXXX part.       I.E. If it says - you would only enter user into the       box,

Yes. One more time, please add ONLY the XXXXX part. Not the entire 

6. Log into Lead Tunnels Software

7. Go to Settings


9. Enter Info that you copied from Steps 4 & 5 into the appropriate fields - the       CRM name is just a name for your own reference.

*NOTICE: You must have a LIST already created before you begin the integration to get the GREEN CHECK.

*NOTICE:  If you have another integration and have it listed under ALLOWED DOMAINS - Please ADD Under the approved domains, add "".

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