What Are the Available Membership Levels for LeadsTunnel?

The membership levels available for LeadsTunnel are Basic, FB Mastery and Email Expert Pro.

  • Basic LeadsTunnel membership was designed for anyone who uses Facebook Lead Ad campaigns and wants to automate the transfer of lead contact information. Access includes Facebook Leads Academy training, as well as the LeadTunnel automation software.
  • Facebook Masteryoffers full Facebook training with 8 step-by-step videos that will teach you to create a profitable Facebook Ad Campaign. It also includes access to our Private LeadsTunnel Facebook Group and tips on using Facebook Power Editor.
  • Email Expert Pro- This is an email marketing course that teaches you how to monetize emails and profit from your new leads. Membership also includes our headliner tool with over 8,000 proven and tested subjects.

Quite a bit of thought goes into the pricing of our products, and please be aware - our intention is never to upset customers with upgrades. We segment the available components so you have more flexibility to invest in the package that suits you best, instead of potentially alienating customers by offering a single tier membership at a much higher price.

Please Note Basic membership is a required purchase if you are interested in what the upgrades have to offer (i.e. if you would like access to Pro, you would purchase Basic + Pro). Also, as each membership upgrade offers different benefits, each one is an entirely separate purchase (i.e. Facebook Mastery is not a component of Pro membership).

If you have any other questions please email LeadsTunnel Supportand let us know!

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