My Facebook Form Is Not Showing!

Before we go into troubleshooting, please ensure you have created a Facebook Lead Form inside your Facebook account, instructions to do so are  here. This is the first step. Create your form for your Facebook Page. If you have already created the Form inside Facebook and still do not see it, please follow the instructions below.

When you're creating your campaign and your Facebook Form is not available in your drop-down menu selection, there are three ways to troubleshoot it.

Method #1: Update Form

Right beside the selection of your Facebook Form Library within the Add A Campaign page, click on the blue link that says Update Facebook Forms.

Method #2: Update Token

Go to the Settings page located on top navigation bar. Click on the Update Token blue link within the Facebook Integration box.

Method #3: Reconnect Your Facebook Account

Go to the Settings page located on the top navigation bar. Click on the Logout Facebook Account. Then Connect With Facebook again.

If all three methods above do not work, please  contact us and our tech team will investigate this further for you. When you contact us, please be sure to include your login email address.

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